Baima Tech climbed to the top of the mountain with best sunrise scenery in Fujian

  • 2021-07-14
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The hot summer is coming as scheduled, and the high temperature and heat waves are gradually occupying the streets and alleys. At this moment, a cool journey is especially needed to help everyone get rid of the scorching summer, so as to be energetic and ambitious to start the work of the second half of the year. At the end of June, Xiamen Baima Tech organized a trip to Shiniu mountain Scenic Area in Dehua, and experienced a natural, cool and enjoyable journey. 


The Shiniu Mountain Scenic Spot in Dehua County, Quanzhou, Fujian, is named after a huge rock on the mountain that looks like a cow. The main peak is as high as 1782 meters above sea level. The scenic spot has the longest cableway in Fujian, a glass observation deck, a heart-shaped cliff plank road and other facilities. It has successively won the titles of National Forest Park and National 4A Tourist Attraction and other national brands. It is an excellent place for sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, and summer escape place.


Set off, sing all the way

At 8:00 am, colleagues took two buses and set off for the Dehua scenic spot. There was some distance on the road, but the excitement and joy of everyone could not be restrained. Everyone sang happily in the car, and the car was full of joy.


The top of Shiniu mountain is like a sea of clouds

Soon, everyone came to Shiniu mountain, the highlight of this Dehua trip. At the entrance of the scenic spot, the nine characters Climb Shiniu Mountain, take good luck, be a hero, convey the momentum of Shiniu Mountain. 2021 is the Year of the Ox. All employees of Baima Tech today climbed the summit bravely, dared to be a great man, and actively carried forward the spirit of innovative development, pioneering cattle, and hard work.


Everyone first experienced the longest aerial cable car in Fujian Province. The height difference of the cableway is 1088 meters, which is equivalent to nearly 400 stories high. Some sections even climb almost vertically, which is both shocking and exciting. The refreshing breeze in mid-air will leave you with unforgettable memories.


After getting off the ropeway, we headed towards the most wonderful sunrise scenery, the main peak of Shiniu mountain. The enthusiasm of everyone was high, the pace was brisk and they quickly climbed to the top. When climbed to the top, it happened to be hit by the mountain mist, and the top of the mountain was soon covered by clouds and mist, like climbing a dream world.


Sky viewing platform, suspended experience

After wandering through the wonders of the clouds, everyone came to the glass viewing platform. The platform is designed with a fully transparent glass platform and the experience of hanging more than 300 meters above the ground makes people feel heartbeat.


Only by overcoming fear can you enjoy the beautiful scenery. The colleagues of Baima Technology faced the fear in their hearts and burst out heroic courage. They all walked a few times on the transparent viewing platform and took pictures of radiant spirits. After experiencing the challenge of the suspended observation deck, the colleagues of Baima Tech will have more courage and perseverance and take a more practical growth path in the future work and life.


Porcelain Capital, Dehua, a worthwhile trip

Dehua is not only rich in tourist resources, it is also the birthplace of Chinese ceramic culture and one of the three ancient porcelain capitals. In 2015, it was awarded the first World Ceramic Capital by the United Nations World Handicraft Council.


Baima Tech also organized all colleagues to visit the Dehua Ceramic Art Museum to learn about the history, crafts and products of Dehua County, everyone has a better understanding of Dehua.


The rich, diverse, colorful, and high-level craft porcelain and daily-use porcelain in the art museum amazed everyone. 


Dehua County’s world-renowned porcelain-making skills lie in long-term innovation and research. This is also in line with Baima Technology's spirit of focusing on intelligent IoT, unremittingly improving its technical strength and accumulating engineering application experience. Baima Tech is now also honored as the most growing champion of the IoT, the most popular enterprise in the smart lamppost industry of the year and the excellent IoT products in 2021.


Buffet barbecue

Approaching the evening, all the colleagues came to the outdoor restaurant. They grilled sausages, chicken wings, squid, shrimps, cucumbers, vegetables, etc., with an attractive aroma. As the saying goes, ample food and clothing by working with our own hands, the colleagues of Baima Technology also firmly believe that all good lives are created by themselves.


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