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  • 2018-08-18
  • Author: Baima
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I was going to write something in front of the recriut revelation,

After three hours of thinking while facing the rain outside of my window,

I still don't know how to write it,

Just write what I think .


In 2019, Baima technology continues to expand in new application fields IoT,

In terms of ubiquitous power IoT and industry 4.0, etc.,

After making some determination then making some good decisions


The layout of IoT products based on wireless communication is constantly improving.

The vertical application of the industry is also deepening, which needs to be cultivated continuously.

Newly introduced edge computing gateway, encrypted communication gateway,

With certain industry leadership,

By the customer affirmation, need to continue to improve.

Some things were not done enough, they were adjusted at the beginning of the middle of the year,

Everything is still running in the good direction of accumulation and development.


All work breakthrough, the core depends on people,

"Find people, cultivate people, respect people."

This Baima technology hopes to do and is trying to practice.

On the sales and service front, the demand now increases the talent density;

Work together to create higher performance.


everyone who comes to Baima technology can gain something.

Of course, try to lower your expectations when you come,

Because after all what you see outside

It's the good side that we put out.

And work, like everyday life,

There are so many little things that irritate you,

How much applause to win,

How much sweat and tears you can stand.



Professional, diligent, and cooperative people are invincible,
we want you like this with us to
cultivate the future of IoT.
We hope we can crow together, play more, make more money if you join us in future.
Finally hope you have health, happiness and good luck.


Pls send resume

Recommended talents have a prize, welcome the industry elite to make tea and communicate in Baima, pls hurry up adding WeChat.


Baima looks forward such kinds of you.

1.Collecting customer information and docking their demands.

2.Developing customers and  actively promote sales transformation.

3.Coordinating  internal resources to serve customers and improve customer satisfaction


1.Open personality and love sales
2.Communication or electronic major


Overseas salesman 


1. Responsible for the promotion and sales of the company's products in overseas;
2. Independently developed customers, followed up and realized sales transformation;
3. Coordinating internal resources of the company to serve customers and improve customer satisfaction.


1. Science and engineering background, major in communication, electronics and international trade etc.;
2. Cet-4 or above, fluent speaking and written communication skills;
3. Good at communication and cheerful.


Technical support engineer


1. Responsible for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales technical services;
2. Meeting customer needs and write solutions;
3. Cooperating with customers to complete the selection and prototype test;
4. Visiting customers regularly and deal with service demands timely.



1.College degree or above in IoT, communication and electronics major;
2. Good verbal and written communication skills and business presentation skills;
3. Excellent technical analysis and practical ability;
4. Loving technical work and strong ability to work under pressure.


Pls send resume

Recommended talents have a prize, welcome the industry elite to make tea and communicate in Baima, pls hurry up adding WeChat.

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