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  • 2024-02-06
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Time has no trace, but we can leave unforgettable mark on our lives.In 2023, Baimatech has accumulated a number of product patents and launched a series of innovative products, which has also won a number of honors.

Let us look back at the honor and innovation of Baimatech in the past year.


Baimatech R & D Strength

For smart pole IoT applications, Baimatech continues to invest in innovation to improve smart pole service capabilities and security reliability from video analysis, edge linkage, energy consumption control and other directions.


1.Edge computing intelligent gateway based on video analysis intelligent linkage

Based on the powerful computing power and rich recognition algorithms of the gateway, the video images collected by the camera can be used to intelligently analyze on-site events and environmental changes, and then the edge linkage control smart pole device can perform dynamic dimming, alarm, capture display, on/off, etc.


2.5G/4G intelligent gateway that support power edge control and energy consumption monitoring strategy

Entering the dual-carbon era, the management and operation of smart pole energy consumption is related to the sustainable development prospects of the project. Baimatech smart pole gateway patented products, can achieve intensive, safe, energy-saving smart pole power management, including remote monitoring of power status, remote control of strong and weak power switch, remote hard restart and power off, remote energy consumption/power fine perception.


For industrial Internet of Things applications, Baimatech also grasps customer needs, further improves the communication reliability of 5G gateways and 5G terminals, and strengthens the deep integration with the new generation of wireless transmission technology.


3.5G/4G intelligent gateway that support active/standby link intelligent switching

For the needs of wireless transmission, Baimatech patented products support the realization of a variety of link intelligent switching capabilities, including wired Internet access and 5G/4G Internet access intelligent switching, dual operator intelligent switching, and the realization of wired Internet access and Mobile/Unicom/Telecom Internet access intelligent switching based on Cloud Rabbit three network cards. Establish intelligent, flexible and stable network links for applications such as smart retail and industrial remote monitoring.


4.Support WiFi6 transmission standard 5G/4G data acquisition and transmission terminal

Baimatech realizes the combination of WiFi6 transmission and 5G terminals, and perfectly combines the low delay and high bandwidth of 5G technology with the advantages of multi-access, high speed and high security of WiFi6, helping customers to create advanced Internet of Things applications in one stop.


Baimatech Product Innovation

1. BMG8200-L micro smart pole gateway

The size is reduced by 50% compared with the previous generation, helping users to create a more beautiful, scientific and technological smart pole. It integrates powerful functions such as comprehensive power supply network, smart power supply, edge computing, collaborative interaction, remote control and so on to create a new trend of urban aesthetics.


2. BM-A16 AI intelligent gateway

Support more than 30 types of AI algorithms, up to 17.6 TOPS peak computing power, 16 channels 1080p HD video real-time processing, to help users quickly achieve AI empowering. It is widely used in smart city, smart business, intelligent manufacturing, dangerous chemical industry, campus security, fire safety and other scenarios.


3. BM-A6 AI intelligent gateway

AI computing chip can be freely selected, the device computing power can be flexibly expanded and improved, and the computing power + algorithm + linkage application can be quickly built, providing convenient device access, computing power support, algorithm configuration, application upgrade and other functions.


4. BMG2300 Micro 5G Gateway

5G terminals are miniaturized to only the size of mobile phones, and also support dual card and dual network backup, support 5G/4G/3G/WiFi/ wired communication, edge computing, compatible with mainstream communication protocols. It is widely used in intelligent transportation, digital power grid, industrial Internet of Things, etc.


5. Cat.1 lamp controller

Based on 4G/Cat.1 communication technology, it has the advantages of easy implementation, cable-free, reliable work and easy maintenance. It supports lighting data collection and monitoring, online management, external expansion and other functions, mainly used in tunnel lighting, road lighting, park lighting, port lighting, commercial lighting and so on.


6.Zone controller

It has built-in control logic and can replace the traditional PLC to achieve intelligent, autonomous perception and control of IoT devices. It has a rich collection and control interface, a stronger docking ability. It supports more rich communication protocols, and can achieve more flexible linkage control. It is easy to use and maintain and has a higher cost performance.


7. PoE Managed Industrial Ethernet for intelligent parking guidance / monitoring

Support full gigabit high-speed data exchange and PoE power supply, single port output power up to 48W. For smart parking guidance applications, a single device can be connected to a maximum of 48 cameras, and one machine can meet the unified power supply and communication of the entire row or multiple rows of parking cameras.


8. V3.0 version of the smart pole cloud platform

Upgrade the smart city cockpit system with 3D maps, with powerful AI intelligent linkage function, 20+ subsystems modular free selection, to achieve the control of the whole equipment of the smart pole and the whole process.


Baimatech Honor

1. 2023 Smart Lamp Pole Industry Award - The Most Popular Enterprise Award

With Baimatech's rich smart pole gateway product line, reliable product delivery ability, careful professional technical services and continuous innovation, Baimatech has gained wide recognition and support from the smart pole industry, and has been awarded The Most Popular Enterprise in smart pole industry for four consecutive years.


2. 2023 Smart Lamp pole Industry Award - Innovation Award

Since 2023, Baimatech has released more than ten smart pole IoT terminals and system platform new products, including micro smart pole gateway, AI edge smart pole gateway, lamp controller that can move with cars, etc., and gained The Smart Pole Industry Innovation Award.


3.The Sixth Zhiguang Cup - Intelligent Lighting Excellent Product Innovation Achievement Award

Baimatech BMG8100 DC smart pole gateway applies the outgoing interface line and waterproof structure design and integrates 5G/4G communication, edge computing, intelligent linkage and other powerful functions. It stood out in the Zhiguang Cup competition and won The Excellent Product Innovation Achievement Award.



4. 2023 Excellent Internet of Things Product & Solution

Baimatech BMG8500 waterproof IP65 intelligent pole edge gateway, and smart block multi-function smart pole case that is based on BMG8500 waterproof gateway, have been widely recognized by the industry by their excellent smart pole gateway product performance, and demonstrative and instructive smart pole project design. Awarded Excellent Internet of Things Product & Solution.



In 2024, Baimatech will continue to put effort in technological innovation and market development.

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