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  • 2023-09-13
  • Author: Baimatech
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The 23rd China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) has come to a successful conclusion. With the theme of "Opening and Integration, leading to high-quality development", the CIFIT has attracted more than 1,000 business and economic groups from 106 countries and regions, and nearly 80,000 domestic and foreign businessmen to attend.


The CIFIT set up professional exhibition areas such as Intelligent Manufacturing and Digital Economy Exhibition, New Energy and Green Innovation Exhibition, and Rural Revitalization Industry Exhibition, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet of Things, new energy, artificial intelligence, rural revitalization and other industrial fields. Baimatech was invited to attend the conference, and its industrial intelligent communication terminal series were brought to the scene, attracting many visitors.


Bringing Together Cutting-Edge IoT Devices

This CIFI created nearly 20,000 square meters of intelligent manufacturing and digital economy exhibition area, focusing on displaying a series of sophisticated equipment, covering AI intelligent gateway, 5G industrial gateway, industrial drones, industrial robots, intelligent machine tools, mobile energy storage system, etc., of which the number of high-tech, specialized and new enterprises accounted for 70%.


Baimatech Display A Complete Product Line

Baimatech focuses on the intelligent Internet of Things industry and is a high-tech enterprise of the Internet of Things. The products of this exhibition cover AI intelligent gateway, 5G intelligent gateway, edge computing gateway, industrial 5G/4G router, smart pole gateway, smart pole cloud platform, and ten linkage functions of smart pole.

Our products have abundant patents, as well as CQC certification, EMC certification, dustproof and waterproof certification, high and low temperature resistance certification, etc., and have been widely used in intelligent collection and monitoring, intelligent factory, smart street lamp pole, smart traffic, smart municipal and other projects.




Industrial Internet Development Conference

At the same time, there was also the 2023 China International Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Conference, AI Enabling Industrial Application Forum and other conference activities, with the theme of Promoting New Industrialization to Help High-Quality Development, bringing together high-level representatives from government, industry, universities, research and other parties to focus on the forefront of new technologies, new trends, and new business forms of industrial Internet.


Baimatech Intelligent Gateway Promotes The Industrial Internet of Things

For new applications of the industrial Internet of Things, Baimatech has developed and launched a number of AI intelligent gateways, edge computing gateways, and micro-5G industrial gateway products, relying on advanced miniaturization, intelligent technology and 5G fusion technology, enabling high-quality industrial development, and helping the intelligent Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things to move towards a new future of 5G+ intelligence.


The four-day CIFIT has been successfully concluded, and this CIFIT has demonstrated remarkable achievements in the innovation and development of China's industrial Internet in various aspects. The industrial Internet is an important driving force to promote the high-quality development of industrial transformation. Baimatech has long cultivated the industrial Internet of Things, constantly integrating AI intelligent applications in hardware products, software platforms and system integration, and working together to create a high-level industrial Internet of Things.

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