BaimaTech Attends the 2023 China Road Lighting Forum

  • 2023-04-14
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On April 10-11, 2023, the 18th China Road Lighting Forum was successfully held in Guangzhou. The forum brought together the leading enterprises, experts, scholars and government units of the smart pole industry and road lighting industry across the country to discuss the new technology, new scientific research and new development of the smart pole Internet of Things and intelligent lighting.

With the theme of “Smart street lamp promote the construction of urban lighting”, this forum focused on the comprehensive design, technical application, project experience and standardization development of smart street lamps, multi-functional smart poles and 5G smart poles, and demonstrated the innovation achievements of various enterprises in the fields of smart multi-functional poles.


Baimatech was also invited to attend this forum, and showed its application projects such as DC smart pole gateway, AC intelligent gateway, waterproof multi-function pole gateway, 5G intelligent pole gateway and other products.



Analysis of Lamp Pole Design Scheme and Concept

At this forum, speakers focused on the different application scenarios and needs of smart street lamp poles, analyzing the functional design of smart poles. They also introduced the design schemes and concepts of smart block smart poles, smart park smart poles, smart traffic smart poles and other scenarios through on-site sample poles and model.



Baimatech has rich smart pole program and project experience, and formed the industry's most complete smart pole gateway product line, covering DC, AC, waterproof, edge computing, 5G smart pole gateway, fully meet the needs of high-end smart pole projects.



Association representatives and industry experts also discussed the application of smart pole green lighting and energy-saving lighting. Based on the smart lamp poles,  we can realize low-carbon and smart road lighting by selecting new LED lamps, supporting intelligent gateways and smart lamp control cloud platform and constructing intelligent lamp control network.


Based on AI visual recognition, intelligent gateway edge computing, cloud platform AI linkage technology, Baimatech realized applications including dynamic light moving, edge strategy light control, intelligent lighting networking etc,both smart pole lighting intelligent + energy saving.


Interpreting the Technical Standards for Smart Pole

With the continuous expansion of the smart pole industry, standardization has attracted  many attentions. Experts from municipal design units professionally interpreted the technical points of Fujian Province Smart Pole Construction Technical Standards and explained the technical specifications of smart pole network system, power supply system, management platform and other aspects.


Baimatech also practices the standardization of industry. The group standard of Smart Lamp Pole Gateway Specification formulated by Baimatech has been officially announced in 2022, providing scientific standard guidance for the selection and application deployment of gateway equipment in the smart street lamp pole project.


The 2023 China Road Lighting Forum has come to a successful end. As a high-tech leader in the smart pole IoT industry, Baimatech plans to launch a number of smart pole gateways, 5G intelligent gateways, AI intelligent gateways, edge computing gateways this year, to create a higher level of smart pole IoT applications.

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