From Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0

  • 2018-04-02
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Key words: industry 4.0, industry 3.0, industry 2.0, industry 1.0, PLC, Internet of things, Internet, industrial Internet

Industry 1.0

Mechanization, with steam engine as the symbol, and steam power driving machine instead of manpower, from hand industry to agriculture, officially evolved into industry.

Industry 2.0

Electrification, marked by wide application of electric power, replaced steam power by power driven machines, from then on parts production and product assembly to realize the division of labor, and the industry entered the era of large-scale production.

Industry 3.0

Automation is marked by the application of PLC (programmable logic controller) and PC. From then on, the machine not only took over most of manual labor, but also took over a part of mental labor. Industrial production capacity has gone beyond human consumption ability, and human being has entered the era of overcapacity.

Industry 4.0

The global overcapacity has led to more and more fierce competition in the enterprise. The past thirty years of product sales have not been done, and life cycle of the product has been greatly shortened. The arrival of Internet age has shaken the great foundation of industrial age, asymmetric information. In the industrial era, because the manufacturers can not understand the needs of each customer at a low cost, they often adopt one size fits all method, that is, to combine the performance of the needs and become a product. The Internet has changed the situation, people and people, people and manufacturers, can achieve a low-cost connection, so that everyone's personality needs to be magnified, people are increasingly interested in personalized things. But the demand for personalized things is not so large, which requires industrial enterprises to achieve rapid production in small quantities. Machines are no longer driven by oil and electricity, and machines are supported by data. In the future world, enterprises will no longer focus on scale, standardization and power. They will only focus on flexibility, agility, personalization and user friendliness. This process, Germany is called industry 4.0, the United States is called industrial Internet, and our Ministry of industry and information call it the two integration, the Internet of things brain powder called it all the Internet.

From Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0

All things are interconnected

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