BMD800 NB-IoT Modem
Series Models:BMD800
BMD800 NB-IoT Modem, based on NB-IoT network, provide narrow band wireless communication and low rate data transmission.
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NB-IoT, the first choice for long distance low rate transmission

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem, based on NB-IoT network, provide narrow band wireless communication and low rate data transmission.

It has the advantages of large connection, wide coverage, good penetration, low power consumption, low cost, etc.

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let

Wide coverage, high penetration

NB-IoT has a strong coverage and increases 20dB gain over LTE, equivalent to a 100 times increase in regional coverage.

It can not only meet the needs of wide coverage of rural areas, but also have obvious advantages for the plant, underground garage,
and manhole cover in where require depth coverage.

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let

Stable and reliable communication

Low rate application can be switched seamlessly with GPRS Modem

Support software and hardware watchdog technology, equipment working status self-diagnostic, auto-recover from failure.

PPP layer heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP keepalive and application layer heartbeat

and other multi-level link detection mechanisms, and support dropout reconnection

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let

Data multi center synchronous transmission to achieve efficient management

Support dual data center backup transmission and multi data center synchronous transmission (5 data center),

Convenient for local management, remote management departments at all levels, external cooperation unit data acquisition synchronization

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let

Terminal interface

Adopt terminal connection mode to facilitate the access of various sensors and other front-end equipment.

With I/O, ADC, RS232, RS485 and other interfaces to collect analog, digital or switch data, and upload the data according to the protocols.

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let

Low power consumption, long endurance time, multiple power supply mode


● BMD800 NB-IoT terminal focus on small and low data application, eDRX power saving technology and PSM power saving mode.

● Based on AA battery, it can be used for more than ten years, compatible with electric power, solar power and battery power supply.

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let

Self locking card slot for long term use

Compatible with a variety of SIM cards, like USIM traffic card, APN special network card and IOT card

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let

Equipment management tools for centralized monitoring

Configuration, upgrade and diagnosis of a large number of distributed modems.
Greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the operator, system integrator, equipment providers and other parties

Support local configuration and upgrade, remote configuration and upgrade by TCP/IP. Support parameters configuration in SMS mode

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let


BMD800 NB-IoT Modem is Mainly used in low data rate applications:

smart pipe network monitoring, smart street lights, intelligent manhole cover,
intelligent fire protection, parking monitoring, environmental monitoring, etc.

BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let


BMD800 NB-IoT Modem 3gpp let






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