Baima added 3item wireless transmission

  • 2018-09-03
  • Author: Baima
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Recently, Baima has a new achievement by exploration and innovation in the wireless communication field of Internet of things,Baima researches and develops 《Virtual private network and data encryption security transmission software》;《Wireless gateway protocol conversion software》and《Integrated wireless communication terminal software》which owns a certification of registration of computer software copyright by National copyright office .

Baimatech added 3item wireless transmission

《Virtual private network and data encryption security transmission software》

This software is to control the security of virtual private network and data encryption transmission,which supports many VPN encryption mode,such as:  IPsec VPN;L2TP;PPTP etc..Software function includes data /data flow/data packet/file encryption and data pieces etc..It is used by Baima industrial wireless router;wireless gateway and wireless RTU now and provides a strong security for wireless communication data transmission to customers.

Baimatech added 3item wireless transmission

《Wireless gateway protocol conversion software》

Gateway is a translator when using different communication protocol;data format/language and even complete different architecture between two systems.This software meets the needs of the target system by repacking ;disposing and protocol conversion for received messages,meanwhile offers filter and security functions.

Baimatech added 3item wireless transmission

《Integrated wireless communication terminal software》

It generally manage and test every index parameters of wireless communication terminals by industrial cellular modem; Cellular Router and M2M Gateway etc.,thereby it could better monitor and manage working mode of M2M wireless communication terminals. This software has powerful functions, simple and generous operation interface design, convenient operation, and helps customers greatly improve management efficiency

This certification is a affirmation for Baima continuous exploration and innovation in the field of wireless transmission in the Internet of things in recent years,meanwhile lays a solid foundation for better close customer’s demand and offers a satisfied service and professional wireless communication products.

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