BM-DK600 centralized controller
Series Models:BM-DK600
Intelligent lighting centralized controller can control 1023 single lamp controller at the same time, to achieve the operation parameters of the lamp collection monitoring, remote control, data storage, remote upgrade and other functions.
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Intelligent lighting centralized controller BM-DK600

Intelligent lighting centralized controller can control 1023 single light controller at the same time and realize remote pull and close control according to the platform instruction .It can realize the operation parameter collection and monitoring, remote control, data storage, security protection, cable anti-theft alarm, distribution cabinet unpacking alarm, time calibration function, remote upgrade and other functions.


Street lamp lighting control terminal based on the Internet of Things

Compatible with 2G/3G/4G, power carrier, RS485 and other communication modes; Operate through physical buttons and LCD screen to realize function setting and debugging; Small size, simple installation, convenient maintenance; Strong anti-jamming ability, with excellent anti-surge, electrostatic discharge immunity, fast transient pulse immunity, etc. Suitable for harsh outdoor working environment, high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, salinity, etc. Data is not lost from power failure for more than 10 years


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