BMG800 Edge Computing gateway
Series Models:BMG800
Provides analog/digital data acquisition, video/image/voice acquisition, local storage, conversion of various communication protocols, secure communication management, wireless communication such as full network communication /5G/4G/GPS/WiFi, VPN virtual private network, public cloud and private cloud interconnection, local and remote linkage control of devices and other powerful functions.
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Powerful edge computing to effectively share cloud load

The BMG800 edge computing gateway uses industrial-grade ARM processors, DDR3 memory of up to 1GB (optional), and large-capacity FLASH to provide powerful computing resources for edge node services and effectively share cloud load. It provides powerful functions such as analog/digital data collection, video/image/voice collection, local storage, conversion of various communication protocols, secure communication management, wireless communication such as all-net communication /5G/4G/GPS/WiFi, VPN virtual private network, public and private cloud interconnection, and local and remote linkage control.


The 7-inch high-definition display provides strong support

for local management

BMG800 edge computing gateway can be equipped with a 7-inch high-definition display. On the display, users can configure communication interfaces, communication protocols, servers, new devices, view real-time monitoring data locally, view statistical analysis reports locally, export data, and upgrade gateway programs.It can assist customers to greatly enhance the on-site and local management level.


Extensive access, on-site sensors/meters/cameras/equipment

and other one-step access

BMG800 edge computing gateway provides one-stop access to sensors/meters/cameras/monitoring equipment. The interfaces include 1 LAN port, 1 WAN port, 3 RS232 (which can be extended to 4 channels), 3 RS485 (which can be extended to 4 channels), 1 SHT, 1 TTL level serial port, 4 switching input ports, 8 analog input ports, 4 relay output ports, 1 USB port, etc. The rich acquisition and control ports make the project implementation more flexible. 5 power outputs, convenient power supply for sensors/cameras, greatly reducing the difficulty of deployment and saving project costs.


Provide API interface, convenient secondary development application

We pre-install mature and practical Linux operating system,integrate Python development environment and C language development environment ,provide standard API interface and development guidance and a stable platform for users' secondary application development. Users can easily call various interfaces and resources of the system to create differentiated core competitiveness.


Wide compatible protocols and rapid IoT deployment

Support mainstream industrial communication protocols, such as MQTT, OPC, MODBUS(MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU), TCP, UDP, HTTP client, TCP server, etc. It can dock with Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Amazon Cloud and other third-party cloud platforms; Support customization of private communication protocols.


Compatible with various communication methods, patent technology ensures wireless communication “always online”

It integrates various communication modes such as 5G/4G/3G/2G, NB-IoT, and wired, and supports wired and wireless backup. Optional GPS positioning and the field equipment can be real-time positioning, tracking, tracing, etc. Optional WIFI, fast construction of industrial-grade WIFI network, convenient WIFI access and local configuration of equipment.


Various safety management technology ensure security

Baimatech BMG800 edge computing gateway integrates a complete security protection scheme, including software and hardware dual national encryption technology (optional) to protect data transmission security, firewall function to protect network security, and user hierarchical authorization mechanism to ensure device management security. The product supports multiple VPN encryption modes, such as IPsec VPN, L2TP, PPTP, and Open VPN. Support SPI full status check, Secure Shell (SSH) and other network firewall functions; Supports multiple levels of user rights to ensure management security. It is widely used in power, municipal, tax control, finance, public security and other industries with high data security requirements.


Data can be transmitted synchronously by 12 centers, making management collaboration more efficient

Multi-center wireless transmission, embedded standard TCP/IP protocol stack, project data can achieve 12 centers synchronous wireless transmission, monitoring data can be reported to the provincial, municipal, county level management platform at the same time. It is convenient for on-site management personnel, local management departments, remote management departments at all levels, and external cooperation units to obtain data synchronously, so as to achieve efficient management.


Support data complement

When the gateway device is disconnected and reconnected or restarted after a power failure, the collected data is not lost. The gateway sends the collected data again when the network is idle.


Large capacity local storage, data can be stored for 10 years

Powerful local storage and external storage function, equipped with USB, TF card interface, can save more than 10 years of data collection, setting parameters and historical data, etc.


Supports both local and remote control, making gateway management more efficient

It provides powerful central management software to centrally monitor, configure, upgrade, and diagnose a large number of security gateways distributed in different places. There is no upper limit on the number of gateways managed by the central management software. It can greatly improve the management efficiency of Party A, integrator, operator, equipment provider and other parties.


Designed for unattended environment, 

suitable for harsh working conditions

Solid metal shell, all devices including processing chip, memory chip, memory chips, communication module to the power supply device adopts industrial standard, EMC electromagnetic compatibility of 4 class standard, resistance to high and low temperature (35 ℃-75 ℃),wide pressure (5v-35v), super moisture proof, lightning protection, preventing electromagnetic interference ability, adapt to bad working environment.


OEM/ODM Customization

Customization services include: brand labeling, communication protocol customization, software function customization, hardware function customization, structure size customization, etc. Non-standard customization products include: industrial Internet of Things gateway, edge computing gateway, PLC gateway, encryption gateway, 5G/4G router, data transmission module DTU, industrial application platform, etc. Contact Baimatech, link the power of the Internet of things.


Remote monitoring application of power distribution room

The remote monitoring of power distribution room has the characteristics of various access equipment,various communication interface forms, and various compatible communication protocols.Base on Baimatech BMG800 edge computing gateway to build remote monitoring of power distribution room and an ARM architecture edge computing gateways, can quickly realize the transformer room equipment status data access, video and image data access,remote monitoring of power distribution,the integrated monitoring of power,environment, video and security.It can link alarm and control equipment to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of power distribution room.


Smart public toilet application

Baimatech BMG800 edge computing gateway integrated rich interface and powerful functions. It is convenient for smart public toilet to collect monitoring data such as environmental monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, equipment condition monitoring and other monitoring equipment access, communication protocol conversion, edge computing, wireless data transmission, intelligent control and so on. It includes  a variety of sensors, electricity meters, water meters, LED display, alarm and other extensive access. Wireless data transmission is realized through 5G/4G/3G networks, and various data of front-end devices are uploaded to the central management system.


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