BMG800 Intelligent lamp control gateway
Series Models:BMG800
Baimatech BMG800 series Internet of Things intelligent lamp control gateway is suitable for blocks, scenic spots, parks and other constructions.It integrates2G / 3G / 4G / NB-IoT / cable and other communication methods, equipped with rich equipment and application interfaces and supports intelligent lamp control system construction.
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Intelligent Lamp Control Gateway BMG800

Baimatech  BMG800 intelligent lamp control gateway is suitable for blocks, scenic spots, parks and other constructions.It can match with Baimatech single lamp controller, intelligent lamp control cloud platform, and realize lighting monitoring, remote single lamp control, lighting distribution box control management, cable anti-theft alarm, open box alarm and other functions.


The 7-inch man-machine touch display screen

The intelligent lamp control gateway is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touch screen (optional) to visually display the current state of each lighting equipment.It has the functions of parameter setting, single lamp control, light network information checking, terminal self-detection.It is convenient for function setting and equipment debugging, and improves the deployment efficiency.


Rich Interface

It is equipped with rich equipment and application interface, supports 3 RS232,3 RS485.It also has 1 I2C interface, 1 TTL level serial port, 4 switch volume input interface, 8 analog input interface, 4 relay output, 5 power output (peripheral power supply), etc.,and can satisfy access and control requirements.


Support Various Communication Methods

The intelligent lamp control gateway integrates various communication modes such as 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT/ wired, without the need to erect additional lamp control communication lines, and supports multi-channel uploading and downloading of monitoring data. With the Baimatech intelligent lamp control cloud platform, it can also realize the intelligent lighting fine management, single lamp online real-time monitoring and data analysis and other functions.


Industrial Processor

ARM upmarket CPU has powerful data monitoring, acquisition, communication and centralized control capabilities. The gateway can collect the electric quantity information of the street lamp and the electricity consumption information , including the switching status, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, and active or non-active power, etc., on time or in real time.


High Management Efficiency

Powerful center management software is provided to realize centralized monitoring, configuration and diagnosis of lighting equipment. Devices can be maintained, managed, and upgraded through local network port access, WiFi access, and cloud platform access. Devices can be managed and configured in batches, improving management efficiency.


Large-capacity Local Storage Space

BMG800 Smart lamp pole gateway, with powerful local storage and external storage functions, with USB, TF card interface, can store more than 10 years of lighting power consumption data and lighting configuration parameters. It also supports the query of electricity information by day, month and year.


Adapt to  Harsh Outdoor Environment

Industrial hardware motherboard and communication module has all metal high protective shell and  EMC electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature resistance (-35℃ to 75℃), wide pressure (5V-35V), super moisture-proof, lightning protection, anti-electromagnetic interference ability.It can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions.


Realize the construction of light control system

The BMG800 intelligent light control gateway has been equipped with docking single light controller, centralized controller, etc., and has the functions of pull and close control, lamp electrical parameter acquisition, fault diagnosis, RS485 communication, data power-off storage, LED street light control, lighting strategy control, online lighting dimming, etc., to build a street light intelligent control system in a one-stop manner.







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