Edge computing gateway-BMG700
Series Models:BMG700
Bmg700 edge computing gateway is rail mounted, supports mqtt, JSON, HTTP and other northbound protocols, OPC, MODBUS, TCP, UDP, PLC of some brands and other southbound protocols. It is a gateway box of the industrial Internet of things with wide access, smart matching, powerful computing and 5g / 4G wireless communication.
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BMG700 edge computing gateway with wide access, 

strong computing, and low latency

BMG700 edge computing gateway is developed by Baimatech according to the typical application requirements of industrial Internet of Things and ubiquitous power Internet of Things. It supports MQTT, JSON, HTTP and other northbound protocols, and connects to various IoT platforms. It supports OPC, Modbus, TCP, UDP, part of the brand PLC and other southbound protocols, extensive access, intelligent matching, powerful computing, 5G/4G wireless communication, is the ideal choice for industrial Internet of things.


Connect IT and OT, simple remote measurement and control

The BMG700 edge computing gateway is applied to various industrial IoT application scenarios such as data collection, recording, field control, remote monitoring, remote control, output alarm, and data analysis. It is applied in the fields such as smart lamp pole, 5G lamp pole, intelligent power distribution room, industrial robot monitoring, refrigeration unit monitoring, offline equipment monitoring, mechanical equipment monitoring, non-standard equipment monitoring, intelligent manufacturing and etc.


Rich interface, convenient field sensor/instrument/camera /PLC

equipment and other extensive access

The BMG700 edge computing gateway provides a variety of access devices, communication interfaces, and compatible communication protocols.

 Industrial communication interfaces include: 3 LAN, 1 WLAN (which can be reused as LAN), 2 RS232, 3 RS485, 2 ADC, 2 DI, 1 CAN (Optional), 2 relay (optional), 

WIFI function (optional), SM encryption (optional), GPS function (optional), single-mode dual-card (optional), dual-mode dual-card (optional), TF card (optional).


ARM processor, Linux system, convenient 

secondary development applications

BMG700 edge computing gateway uses high-performance industrial high-end ARM processors to effectively share the pressure on the cloud. The Linux operating system integrated Python development environment and C language development environment, provides standard API interface and development guidance, and provides a stable and fast platform for users' secondary application development. Users can easily call various interfaces and resources of the system to create differentiated core competitiveness.


Compatible with MQTT northbound protocol, OPC, 

Modbus and other southbound protocols

Support OPC, Modbus, TCP, UDP and other southbound protocols, built-in domestic and foreign mainstream sensor and instrument protocol, part of the brand PLC protocol, convenient for users to quickly adjust and match the use. It supports MQTT, JSON and 212 protocols, interconnects with third-party cloud platforms such as Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud and Amazon Cloud, and interconnects with private cloud platforms developed and constructed by enterprises.


5G/4G/ NB-IoT /GPS/WIFI/ Wired and Wireless Backup

The edge computing gateway BMG700 integrates multiple wireless and wired communication modes, including 5G/4G/ 3G/ 2G, NB-IoT, WIFI, GPS, and wired communication modes. Wired and wireless backup are supported. Optional GPS positioning, the field equipment can be real-time positioning, tracking, tracing and so on. Optional WIFI, fast construction of industrial WIFI network, convenient WIFI access and local configuration of equipment.


SM encrypted communication (optional), 

guarantee secure data transmission

Built-in encryption communication chip (optional), state secret SM algorithm, combined with IPsec VPN encryption tunnel communication protocol, to provide software and hardware dual encryption for wireless data transmission.


Data can be transmitted synchronously by 12 centers,

making management collaboration more efficient

In order to realize multi-department collaborative management, the project data can be synchronized wirelessly transmitted by 12 centers through the BMG700 edge computing gateway, and can be reported to provincial, municipal, county-level and other management platforms at the same time. In order to facilitate the on-site management personnel, local management departments, remote management departments at all levels, and external cooperation units to obtain data synchronously, to achieve efficient management.


Support data complement

When the gateway device is disconnected and reconnected or restarted after a power failure, the collected data is not lost. The gateway sends the collected data again when the network is idle.


Large capacity local storage, data can be stored for 10 years

Powerful local storage and external storage function, equipped with USB, TF card interface, can save more than 10 years of data collection, setting parameters and historical data, etc.


Supports both local and remote control, 

making gateway management more efficient

It provides powerful central management software to centrally monitor, configure, upgrade, and diagnose a large number of security gateways distributed in different places. There is no upper limit on the number of gateways managed by the central management software. It can greatly improve the management efficiency of Party A, integrator, operator, equipment provider and other parties.


Designed for unattended environment, 

suitable for harsh working conditions

Solid metal shell, all devices including processing chip, memory chip, memory chips, communication module to the power supply device adopts industrial standard, EMC electromagnetic compatibility of 4 class standard, resistance to high and low temperature (35 ℃-75 ℃),wide pressure (5 v-35 v), super moisture proof, lightning protection, preventing electromagnetic interference ability, adapt to bad working environment.


OEM/ODM customization

Customization services include: brand labeling, communication protocol customization, software function customization, hardware function customization, structure size customization, etc. Non-standard customization products include: industrial Internet of Things gateway, edge computing gateway, PLC gateway, encryption gateway, 5G/4G router, data transmission module DTU, industrial application platform, etc. Contact Baimatech, link the power of the Internet of things.


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