Baima obtains national patent of special wireless communication terminal for harsh environment

  • 2019-02-24
  • Author: Baima
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Most unattended remote monitoring projects work in harsh working conditions where it is difficult for people to work. Such as water conservancy, environmental protection, transportation, electric power and other industries online monitoring projects, generally exist in remote locations, high temperature, high humidity, low cold, high altitude, strong electromagnetic radiation and other adverse environment. 

Stable and reliable, it is the first requirement of such online monitoring project networking and data transmission. Recently, Baima obtains a national patent of wireless data transmission terminals which dedicates to such harsh environments.

Special wireless communication terminal for harsh environment.png

Under the design process of industrial wireless communication products,  not only need to consider the function planning, performance implementation, but also from the customer application environment, to make a really strong and stable product. Ignoring any of these details may bring serious security risks to the customer's project application and increase the cost of later operation and maintenance.

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Baima takes a full range of rigorous consideration of complete product solutions by the design concept, design scheme, structure layout, components selection, production technology, quality management and other aspects.

Design Concept of Baima Hardware Products.png

Industrial IoT gateway, industrial-strength wireless router, digital terminal DTU, for instrument, a serial port server, industrial switches, etc. Series of products not only to withstand the cold, the extreme environment, such as high temperature, high humidity test, more can easily cope with electrostatic, high voltage, and other factors, such as electromagnetic interference, can fully meet the various industries such as electric power, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection under the complex environment of network structures, requirements, the demand for all kinds of bad working condition.

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